5 Ultimate Benefits Of Green Vegetable Hair Dye

Are you tired of trying product after product to bring life to your tresses? Has your hair lost the sheen it used to have once, due to excessive coloring? Coloring can indeed leave your hair lifeless and limp! And the only way to save your hair is to go natural!

Via author Manasi at http://www.stylecraze.com/articles/benefits-of-vegetable-hair-dye/

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5 Gorgeous Glittery Eye Shadow Ideas

You might have bought the perfect pair of shoes to match your gorgeous dress, and might have also decided on your hairstyle. Wait, are still wondering about your makeup? Well, why wonder so much when we are here to help you out? A perfect eye makeup enhances your beauty and multiplies your grace instantly. Check out this nice post by Jyostna Rao

Via http://www.stylecraze.com/articles/ravishing-glittery-eye-shadow-ideas-for-christmas/


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Top 35 Hairstyle Blogs That Will Inspire You

Have you been searching for a new hairstyle but didn’t know where to look? Maybe, you didn’t know who to turn to for advice. We’ve compiled a list of 35 best hairstyling blogs on the internet. Each blog is unique with a wealth of information and has answers to even the most specific of doubts. (more…)

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